Here is what you get for your money:
Step-By-Step Plans that show you how to build the FRAME, attach the FLOOR, build up the SIDES and ROOF supports. They show you how to build the REAR DOOR and attach it. How to put on the Aluminum or the Wood TOP and build a basic KITCHEN and put on the TRIM.

These plans give you a HUGE LIST of PART SUPPLIERS throughout the country. Where to get the specialty fenders, latches, windows, trim and suppliers for the axles. These plans give you inside tips on types of wood to use and why. They also show you the best order to build up your trailer so you can get it done fast. (A basic towable trailer can be mostly complete is as little as a FEW days.)

NOTE: that these plans show YOU how to build the Aluminum Speedster OR the Woody OR the COMBO, which is my favorite.

You can build it 8', 9' or 10'. All from the same plans!!!

OKAY so you aren't conviced yet?
Here is the MOST IMPORTANT PART. You also get the PATTERN, or TEMPLATE as we call it, for the shape of the trailer. It comes on a large 4' x 8' sheet of butcher paper. It is drawn from an orginal 1946 KIT Teardrop Trailer so you get the exact dimensions for all the angles of the trailer including placement of the doors. That takes out all the guess work on your part. We have already done half the work for you.

Too Good to be true? You're probably right. Someday we may have to raise the price because of the tedious process of making the templates. So be sure to order TODAY and get your plans included in the next production run.

For now you can get all of this
for the low low price of


Which includes S&H within the U.S.

I am ready to order!!!

I still need more information.